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American Hairless Terriers

Get the terrier in a lite version 

Ynez added American Hairless Terriers as our second breed in the terrier group, and the only regret we have is not loving this breeder sooner!  

They are a versatile breed that comes in a hairless and a coated version.  Our foundation girls are from "Lace American Hairless Terriers" in Texas.  

We are proud members of the American Hairless Terrier Club of America.  


Meet Champion Party

Meet Zora

American Hairless Terrier Breed Information

Are you looking for more information on this rare breed?  I am compiling resources here for breed enthusiast to use, no matter if you are just beginning your search, or have just brought home your first AHT puppy.  

AHT Ears

AHT and Allergies 

AHT Health 

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