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AHT Skin Care and Grooming

Regardless of if you have a hairless or coated AHT, you will definitely save time in the grooming department in comparison to a coated breed.  However there is still work to be done to keep your pup clean and happy.  The information below is specific to hairless puppies.  

Basic Skincare

When you first get a new hairless AHT puppy home, you may notice bumps on the skin.  These are called puppy pimples, and are completely normal.  Typically, there is no special care required, and they will simply go away as they age.  When your puppy was born, they were actually born fully coated.  That initial coat falls off over the first few weeks of life. This process is what causes the puppy pimples. 

During this time, I like to bathe with a medicated shampoo.  Here is the brand that I prefer.  Some breeders will use antibacterial soap or baby shampoo as well.  

I purchase my bottles here, but there are several suppliers and also other brands.

After the puppy stages, I like to use an exfoliating scrub about once per month, and a gentle shampoo for other baths.  When I need a gentlle shampoo, I use Tropiclean.  The frequency at which I will bathe will vary based on activity.  In the spring and summer, we are outdoors hiking and getting dirty, so we will bathe far more often. However in the winter, a monthly bath will suffice.  

After a bath, I always apply a thin layer of organic, food grade coconut oil to their skin to keep It moisturized.  All puppies/dogs may not do well with coconut oil, so there are other gentle options you can use such as Cerave, Aveeno, or Cetaphil.  

One big concern, especially for lighter pigmented puppies, is sunburn. Their skin will burn just like human skin, and needs to be protected.  You can protect their skin by using clothing, as well as using sun screen.  As clothing will not cover 100% of their body, please be sure to apply sunscreen even when they are wearing clothing.  


The best options for clothing are Sunsuits. There are many suppliers, and a variety of materials available.  One of our favorite suppliers is Spoiled Bratzwear.  You can access their website here: 

Regarding sunscreen, it's best to use a pet specific or child safe brand.  There are toxic chemicals in human "adult" sunscreen that can be harmful when ingested.

Some brands we have used are:




Banana Boat 


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