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American Hairless Terrier Diet 

If you walk down the pet food aisle of any store, you will be inundated with choices.  There are so many brands to choose from, all promising to be the best choice for your puppy.  Here I will go over what we do for our puppies, as well as give recommendations for other diets we have been successful with in the past.  Please understand we have NOT tried every food on the market.  There may be a fantastic diet that works great for your pet not mentioned here.


When we wean our puppies, we wean onto a RAW diet.  We have been very satisfied with how our puppies do using this method.  We do NOT keep puppies on RAW after 12 weeks old that remain with us.  We do feel that a RAW diet can be a successful, healthy, life Long diet.  However our lifestyle does not allow for proper preparation and maintenance.

We choose to use premade/prepackaged RAW.  You can absolutely learn and prepare yourself, however it is more convenient for us to purchase this way, and it ensures quality control.  The brand we use is call Corrinas Corner. We have also used Primal.  Depending on where you are, these brands may not be available in your area.  


We wean our puppies from RAW onto kibble. We use Purina Pro Plan Sport, and we are huge fans of this diet.  We have had many dogs on different kibbles, and there has never been one that we got the consistent good results from that we have found with Pro Plan.  This is the formula that we use and love:  







We order and have our food delivered to the front door by  

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