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Meet the lions


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The Little Lion dogs 

Sometimes people don't know a good thing when they see it, and I can only assume that's what happened with the Lowchen.  Also affectionately referred to as "little lion dogs", the Lowchen is a compact, non shedding companion breed with an outgoing and curious temperament.  The breed is clipped to look like a lion for the show ring, but as a companion they can be kept in virtually any clip the family prefers.  They can come in ANY color, and you will see many represented if you see them at a show.  

Once we got a chance to hang out with our friend Jennie's Lowchen (Roman Reign Lowchen), we knew we had to add this lively little breed to the household.  We have 2 spunky girls and boy, and they fit in perfectly with our terriers!  We are just starting this chapter in our program, but look for more to come.  

If you are looking to add a Lowchen to your household, we plan to have out first litter in 2022.  So stay tuned! 

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